Habitents Features:

     -Custom-fitted specifically designed for standard 2003-2015 Prius hatchbacks(not Prius V or C)

     -Contour-fitting to keep bugs and elements out and allow fresh air and sounds of nature in.

     -Large 40"x80" sleeping area comfortable for two adults.

     -No poles or structure required- no vehicle alteration necessary.

     -Puts all the creature comforts of your Prius at your fingertips-lights, radio, computer plugs, etc.

     -Sets up in seconds- drape over the hatchback, pop the lid, attach a couple hooks and Voila! See the video below.

     -Fits in your glove compartment- available whenever you want it, out of the way when you don't.

     -Pays for itself the first time you use it- eliminates the choice between expensive or sketchy motels.

     -Habitents for Humanity-5% of sales go to Habitat for Humanity- A habitents for you, a habitat for someone else.


"A big thank you to Habitents.  I slept very comfortably in my Habitents for six days and really loved it.  Woke up every day in a grove of redwoods. My husband and I are going to use it together next week in Oregon.  You make a wonderful product!"  -Katherine   


"We attended Burning Man in our Habitents. Despite 50-70 mph winds, dust, heat and cold, we were super comfy all week long." -Ihn and Alishia


99.99 USD

PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF OUR 2015 HABITENTS. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER. We expect to receive our 2016 Habitents in the next month or so. If you would like to be notified when they arrive, please send an email to habitents@gmail.com Thanks! Cory at Habitents.com

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