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Habitents Prius Tent Features:

     -Custom-fitted car tent specifically designed for standard 2003-2015 Prius hatchback.

     -Contour-fitting car tent that keeps bugs and elements out and allow fresh air and sounds of nature in.

     -Hatchback tent creates large 40"x80" sleeping and camping area comfortable for two adults.

     -No tent poles or structure required- no vehicle alteration necessary for sleeping or camping.

     -Puts all the creature comforts of your Prius at your fingertips-lights, radio, computer plugs, etc.

     -Sets up in seconds- drape Prius tent over the hatchback, pop the lid, attach a couple hooks and Voila! See video below.

     -Fits in glove compartment- available whenever you want it, out of the way when you don't.

     -Pays for itself the first time you use it- Prius tent eliminates the choice between expensive or sketchy motels.

     -5% of sales go to Habitat for Humanity- "A Habitents for you, a Habitat for someone else."


"A big thank you to Habitents.  I slept very comfortably in my Habitents for six days and really loved it.  Woke up every day in a grove of redwoods. My husband and I are going to use it together next week in Oregon.  You make a wonderful product!"  -Katherine   


"We attended Burning Man in our Habitents. Despite 50-70 mph winds, dust, heat and cold, we were super comfy all week long." -Ihn and Alishia


Prius Tent For Camping and Sleeping from Habitents

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