1. MODELS Which cars does the Habitents fit?  The Habitents is for the 2003 through 2015 Prius (but not the little Prius c or the stationwagon like Prius v).  


2. CONSTRUCTION What is the Habitents made of?   The Habitents is made out of 180T 1500 polyurethane coated polyester tent fabric.   Polyester is stronger, more UV resistant and retains its shape better  in wind and rain.  Polyester is naturally hydrophobic and the polyurethane coating increases its water resistance. 


3. RAIN  The hatchback acts as the "roof" of the Habitents.  Rain that sheds down the rear part of the hatch flows down and off the rear bumper.  For rain that sheds forward, the Habitents takes advantage of the Prius' built-in gutter system by shedding rain into the gutter between the roof and front of the hatch, on to the gutters on each side and out the back.  


4. STORAGE What do you do with extra gear when sleeping in the Habitents?  Most your gear will store in the storage containers you use to build up the sleeping area.  See video and FAQ 7 below.  For gear that doesn't fit in the storage containers, there is still pently of on the front seats and floor in front of the front seats.  


5. COLORS What color Habitents are available?  The Habitents is available in the medium blue shown in the photographs.  The light blue in the video is previous year's model. 


6. ELECTRICTY When the hatch is open, the red "door open" dash light comes on which could deplete the 12V battery over several days of camping.  You can easily turn it off using a the tip of a flathead screwdriver to rotate the hatch latch from left to right until the light turns off.  When done camping, simply press the hatch handle as if opening the hatch and the latch will release and the light will come back on.


6. SLEEPING Do you really need to extend the sleeping length?  If you are not over six feet, a single person may be very comfortable sleeping in the Habitents diagonally without extending the sleeping space.  If there are two people, however, you will want to extend the sleeping length. 


7.  IN BACK  Which containers should I use to build up the space behind the front seats? You can use any type of box, container or shelf to build up the space behind the front seats to about 18 inches high.  We use Sterlite storage containers that you can get at stores like Target.  The two large ones are model 1659 (56 quart measuring 23"x16 1/4"x 12 3/8").  The two small ones are model 1655 (28 quart measuring 23"x16 1/4"x 6"). Stack one large on one small behind each front seat, which makes a height of 18 3/8".  In order for them to fit, push the front seats all the way forward with the seatbacks tipped forward.  Though not necessary, removing the headrests in the rear seats will also make this easier. If you prefer not to use storage bins to build up the gap, a brilliant customer suggested a back seat bridge or extender made for dogs, such as Kurgo or Bushwacker- you can view these on Amazon.  We bought the Kurgo extender and decided we really liked it, since on short trips we don't need big storage crates and the extender eliminates the need to build up.  


8. MATTRESS  What kind of pads should I use?  There is no right or wrong. You can use a single large mattress or two side by side ones.  You can use a foam mattress or an inflatable one.  Ones that work well for us are Thermarest BaseCamp size Regular (20"x72").  These are less expensive and more durable than Thermarest's more expensive models.  They are also self-inflating so no sore cheeks or extra equipment to blow them up.  And they roll up small when not in use.  We also use the Thermarest Trekker Lounge size Regular, which is a sleeve that slips over the pad and allows you to use your pad as a chair/lounger during the day.  You don't need to take the sleeve off when using the pad for sleep. They work slick!


9. US AND CANADA SHIPPING  US shipping by 2-3 day Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation is $10.  International First Class shipping to Canada is $16.


10. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING  Do you ship outside the US? We ship anywhere in the world.  First Class International shipping is $25.00 takes about a week to ten days or so depending on location and customs.  If ordering from outside the US, please contact us by email at habitents@gmail.com and we can send you an invoice that includes appropriate international shipping that you can pay by credit or debit card.  Or you can purchase through your country's Ebay site by searching for "prius tent".  Or you can send $124.99 via Paypal to pennypotpie@yahoo.com.  


11. PAYMENT  You can pay for your purchase by debit or credit card, or through your Paypal account if you have one.  Paypal processes our debit/credit card payments, but you do not need to join Paypal to pay by credit/debit card.  Simply click on "Check Out" rather than Paypal when prompted and chick on "Pay with debit or credit card or Paypal Credit" when prompted.  If paying by credit card, please make sure to click on the "credit card" tab on the same page.  





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