We originally created Habitents tent for ourselves in order to provide a comfortable camping or sleeping alternative to staying in expensive or sketchy motels during driving trips.  In addition, while we have been avid campers for many years, we aren't as eager to sleep or camp on the hard ground as we once were.  Combining the Prius Habitents tent with our fuel efficient Prius seemed like the perfect combination of efficiency and comfort.  


We found that by eliminating a major expense of car travel we were able to devote a greater proportion of our budget to more rewarding pursuits like dining out and sightseeing. And, without being tied to reservations at particular locations on particular dates, Habitents provided more freedom and flexibility in our travel plans.  If we unexpectedly discovered a beautiful location we liked, we could stop on a whim.  If we went to a place we had planned and wanted to extend our stay, no problem.  Habitents also allowed us to sleep and camp closer to wherever we planned our next day's adventure, so in the morning we could head off right away.


Habitents tent is unique.  Wherever we traveled, folks would stop by to ask about our Habitents Prius tent and where they could buy one.  So, after two years and numerous nights of testing under all weather conditions, we decided to share Habitents with others.  To date we have thousands of Habitents throughout the US and around the world, and have received numerous emails and photos from people who appreciate their Habitents as much as we have.  


Habitents provides a large sleeping or camping space, as well as additional alcoves to accommodate different sleeping positions.  We use a Habitents on our Prius. I am 6'3" and Mary is 5'11", and we have always felt comfortable in our Prius tent over several years of Habitenting.  While the faqs page on our website provides answers to the most frequent questions, don't hesitate to email us at habitents@gmail.com if you have any additional questions.  


In 2018 we expanded Habitents to include other car models including the Honda Fit, Prius V, Prius C, Subaru Outback and Impreza, Mazda 3 and CX3, Ford Focus and several others.  Feel free to contact us at Habitents@gmail.com to see if we have a model that can fit your car.  Our goal is to make car camping economical for everyone.  You can also follow us on our Habitents Facebook and Instagram sites.


Best Regards, Cory and Mary 

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