Installation Instructions


Note: These instructions are for the 2003-2015 Standard Prius.  A sheet of instructions will be included in the box for each model of Habitents that we offer. 


1.Find the wide black webbing.  It is sewn along one long edge and both ends, forming a long thin pocket.  With the hatch down, fit one end of the webbing over the front corner of the hatch and feed the wide webbing into the gap between the front of the hatch and the rear of the roof until you reach the other end of the webbing.  Slip that end over the other front corner of the hatch.  At this point, the webbing should be all the way down in the gap.

2.     Arrange the tent so it is draping over the rear and evenly over each side of the car. 

3.     Reach under the tent and slowly open the hatch all the way.  The tent should drape down on the back and sides.  Gently adjust so the tent appears symmetrical. 

4.     Attach the side hooks to the top edge of the wheel wells and snug the straps very lightly.  Do the same with the rear hooks under the edge of the bumper.  Since the hooks simply hold the tent in place, there is no benefit, and possible harm to the tent fabric, in overtightening the straps. 

5.     Push the front seats and seat backs all the way forward. Place storage  boxes or other boxes totaling 18” in height behind the front seats.  Remove the rear headrests and tip the rear seat backs forward.  When combined with the storage boxes, this extends the sleeping surface of the trunk area to a length of 80”. 

6.     Place whatever sleeping pads or mattresses you wish to make yourself comfortable.  Use the straps and toggles at the top of the large door to raise the solid door or the solid and/or screen door singly as desired for ventilation and privacy.

7.     Remove the tent in the opposite order.  Use the small black tabs at each upper corner to pull the large web pocket out of the gap as the last step.

8.     For safety, never drive with the Habitents installed.


  We hope you enjoy your Habitents! 


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