"We've seen our fair share of dubious modifications of Toyota's Prius over the years, but we've discovered one that's actually pretty cool.  Anyone who has ever tried will know that sleeping in the back of your car isn't always the most comfortable of experiences, so anything that improves this sometimes necessary scenario is fine by us. The Prius Tent by Habitents is one such improvement.  


Designed to slip around the open tailgate of a Prius with no modifications to the body, the Prius Tent makes use of the trunk and folded-down back seats to provide a more spacious sleeping area, whether you're camping or making an impromptu overnight stop.


The tent attaches to the liftback by a thin strip, and then anchors to the rear wheel arches and rear bumper. If you're tall you'll need boxes to built up the gap between the folded rear seats and the floor (as you'll see in the video), but at least they double up as useful storage space.  


$99 is a small price to pay for not sleeping on rocky ground or waking up to find you're surrounded by three inches of water."




   "While there's no shortage of camper extensions made for gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs, the Prius Habitents has made it possible to get some shuteye in your compact car as well. The easy-to-store tent retails for less than $100 and folds up into a small sack that can fit into the glove compartment of the vehicle. It attaches to the rear of the hatchback and turns the usually cramped rear of the car into a fairly spacious sleeping arrangement.


It’s ideal for cross-country road trips where you want to save money on accommodations or want to sleep under the stars and would rather be up and off the ground rather than snoozing in the grass. It’s also pole-free which makes for a quick and easy way to set up a place to rest for the night."





   "The Prius Tent made by Habitents really puts the car into car camping. This form of camping is perfect for families or others who want to enjoy the great outdoors without putting in the effort of needing to do any real hiking away from roads.


The Prius Tent requires no modifications be made to the vehicle itself. To work, the tent closes around the opened tailgate of a Prius so that the car’s folded-down back seats and truck area form the sleeping area. Obviously, this shelter can be used for more than just camping. Anyone who does a lot of travelling could very well get a lot of sound use out of the Prius Tent."




   "If you bought your Toyota Prius simply to demonstrate how environmentally compassionate you are then you, sir or madam, are a dispicable bore. But there are others like you -- others who have taken their eco-fascination to new heights by inventing a gadget that lets you camp inside your precious hybrid while parked in the great outdoors.


 The Habitents clips onto the bootlid and bumper area of your Prius.  Recline the rear seats and it offers a larger space for a driver and passenger to stretch out and grab forty winks. In total, this odd-looking contraption is said to provide a healthy 80x40 inches (203 x 102cm) of room, which is more than some hotel rooms we've visited. With a tent you'd have to sleep on a hard, cold floor next to creepy crawlies, excrement and other nature nasties. With the Habitents, you'll be cozied up inside your Prius, which has a comparatively comfortable floor as well as mod cons such as heating or air conditioning. The gizmo also folds up small enough to fit inside the glove compartment.


 There are several reasons the Habitents is a better option than a traditional tent. It's ideal for those who aren't actually camping. If you're on a long road trip and want to get some shuteye, you can deploy the Habitents, grab some kip and wake up fresh for another long stint without having to visit a camp site or hotel."




"It's road trip season.  American highways and byways will soon swarm with students, couples, families, easy riders and more, as they fill their hearts with amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties. Of course, it can be a bit costly to drive from one shining sea to another if you're paying for hotel rooms along the way.  Enter the Habitents!"


"We're used to seeing campers and trailers here at Gizmag. Typically, they're made for big, gas-drunk trucks, SUVs and vans - vehicles with the size and hauling capacity to spend the night in. What we're not used to seeing is campers made for small, fuel-frugal hybrids. But the Habitents is just that - a camper extension for the Toyota Prius.The Habitents gives you the best of both worlds (or as close to it as you can expect to get in 2012).


The Habitents is a tent that you attach to the back of your Prius to give you enough room to lie out. But the Habitents isn't necessarily a design for "camping." While the designers do mention using it in state and national parks, the real inspiration is in cutting down the costs of road trips.The Prius is one of the least expensive cars to travel long distances in thanks to its superior fuel economy. Unfortunately, some of that money saved is lost on overnight accommodations, since the compact hatchback isn't exactly an inviting place to spend the night. Big vehicles like RVs, campers, and even vans and SUVs can save you money on overnight accommodations, but they eat that saved money at the pump. It's a road-tripping dilemma.


The tent wraps around the hatchback of the Prius, giving two people enough room to comfortably stretch out and catch a night of sleep. The company website claims the rig gives you 80 x 40 inches (203 x 102 cm) of slumber space. With Habitents, the Prius isn't only a cheap road wagon, it's a potentially free hotel room. Cheap gas, free accommodations - you can travel as far as your heart and mind want to go."



"The makers of this attachable tent admit themselves that this isn’t meant solely for camping, but it’s a cheap attachment (under $100) that allows for you to stretch out in the back of your Prius (or Honda Insight) on a long road trip or cross-state hunting trip. Buying a car with great fuel-economy seems to be cancelled out when you include the cost of accommodation on a cross-country trip. Therefore, theHabitents was born. The Habitents attaches in minutes to the back of two specific car models for protection from bugs and weather when you want to stretch out with the hatch open. With the addition of four storage containers stored on the floor behind the two front seats, a sleeping area large enough for two people opens up."

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